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I equip practitioners and therapists of all levels, ages, healthcare backgrounds & style to use their intuition, stretch their imaginations and take action towards their personal and professional goals.

I work with solo practitioners and therapists, business owners, multi disciplinary clinics in-house and self employed individuals and healthcare professionals across sport, health and wellbeing environments.

My role as a mentor will be to help you identify and build the skill set you need for your environment, clients, colleagues, athletes or patients.  Whether these are ‘practical’ hands-on skills, business building skills, or personal skills required to succeed in the healthcare, sport or leisure industries.

What’s next? - complete the contact form and then:

Send an email to with a brief description of your current practice and skill set, what you would like to achieve and the time you have available and wish to devote to your goals?

- I will answer any queries you have and share via email or a brief call the costs involved.

- If you then wish to proceed I will forward a simple agreement outlining how the arrangement will work for your signature.  

- We will then schedule time based on mode of communication agreed and/or availability.

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